Najbolje me opiše pesem:
Clementine, when you close your eyes,
You guess the supernatural.
Clementine, sets we in your blue bubble,
to bad if it is dangerous.

When we are only twenty five years old,
we would more be willing to be tall,
to leave by plane by flying away all at once of wind.
Quite over there towards the horizon
we make as french, Clementine.
We dream at night about Australia, of affectionate nights,
and everything gets much better when everyone tightens your arms.
The evil goes away.

Clementine, you like life and find your own way,
you challenge all your projects.
Clementine, we shall not leave you,
and one day we will see again each other.

Together, let us go for a walk,
and go round the world without pressing us.
There are so many friends as we want to meet,
Clementine is going to guide us.

NAZAJ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      NAPREJ